About Michaela Ridgway

After spending a number of years life drawing, I shifted recently to paint and colour. I paint figures in landscapes that hover somewhere between the abstract and the real. Colour is a particular preoccupation of my work.

I sometimes turn to Venezuela, where I worked as a journalist in the 90s, for subject matter. It's a hot, vibrant and magical country, and painting is a way of re-engaging with that time and place - with the revellers, the devil dancers, the beach cafes, the heat, and the tropical colours. It's like time travel. 

If you'd like to speak with me about my work, suggest a collaborative project, buy a fine art giclee print, or commission me, please do get in touch at michaelaridgway@me.com or call me on +44 (0) 7540 747 713




"Michaela Ridgway's images balance bold, spare human drama with a frail, unfinished state of becoming. Her devotion to practice and process gives the work a mystique, an internal contradiction, that makes it compelling and timeless." - Rachel Spence, art critic, Financial Times

“Every time I see a new painting by Michaela Ridgway I feel a surge of joy. What most astounds me is the extraordinary confidence in the way they are painted. They are so brave, exploratory, intimate.” – Annie Freud, painter and poet (2017)

"Michaela literally draws you in to her line of vision and you stand in wonderment at what she notices and how she explains it to you through her work.” - Jane Fordham, painter (2017)

“Michaela is a very honest painter, she just does it, no nonsense. And her paintings always seem to cheer me up.” – Katie Sollohub, painter and poet (2017)

"Michaela's art gets to the heart of the matter, through purity and clarity; unburdened by ego or fancy footwork. Her paintings attain an essence, much like alchemy - leaving behind, and editing out that which is unnecessary." - Gary Goodman, painter and poet (2017)